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Family Dentistry

Just as we are mindful when caring for your teeth and how that care impacts your entire body, we also care for families of all ages.

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Mon & Wed • 11AM – 6pm
Tues & Thurs • 7AM – 2PM


ph. 509 467-1117
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10121 N. Nevada St, Suite 302
Spokane, WA. 99218


Children’s Dentistry

At the site of the first tooth or upon the first birthday, visit us! We will provide you and your child information to care for their teeth and share a fun first experience in our office.

Infants to Seniors

We provide dental for all ages. We are able to customize treatment plans for you based on your needs and desires. In providing dental care for you and your family we are able to meet all the dental needs, from a maintenance cleaning appointment to tooth colored fillings, tooth implants, and complete smile designs.

Restoring your Smile

When you are in need of a restorative procedure Dr. Heinrich’s approach is always comprehensive. With his great expertise he is able to treat all restorative needs. Dentistry has come a long way with materials and technique. Dr. Heinrich has it all, from the most up to date materials to the greatest technology to ensure your best result!


While you or any members of your family are in our office we take all measures to ensure you are comfortable. We offer several types of comfort items, headphones, with Pandora Music, a blanket, pillows, a bite rest, sunglasses and a little lip balm.

We are looking forward to meeting you and providing you with the overall care that you deserve. Building Relationships with Smiles is what we are all about! Call us today! 509-467-1117

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