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Preventative Dentistry in Spokane
Robb Heinrich DDS - Spokane

Comprehensive Care

Through our Comprehensive Examination we will evaluate your medical health history and all intraoral and extraoral conditions. We will record the health of your gum tissue, evaluate your face, neck and jaw for oral cancer or any other type of abnormalities. Our exams also include a complete restorative look at your teeth and soft tissues. There are a variety of comprehensive and preventative oral health treatment options.

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy

We take the time to customize a treatment plan that fits your needs. With our expertise in Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy treatment for "gum disease" coupled with other diagnostic tools we are able to customize a plan to regain your health, or maintain your health. All oral hygiene instructions are shared with you to ensure they fit your specific needs and abilities.

Preventative Care

When we can prevent it, we do. It is our goal to assist you in maintaining your oral health through preventative care. All our patients are different so we will work with you to create a hygiene plan that prevents challenges and keeps you on the road to optimal health.

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